At Pinos Produce Inc. we focus on food safety and quality from our growers, as well as the people that harvest our products and the environmental impact of our grower’s operations. There are requirements to comply with the following levels of social responsibilities in order to supply Pinos Produce Inc.

Solar - powered.

We’re always making efforts to go green and take advantage of renewable energy that makes our planet a better place. We seek energy eficiency that benefits the planet and at the same time improving our work, so we made a step forward with the installation of solar panels in our roofs, making some of our operations solar-powered for good of the environment.

We care about the environment.

We have made the environment a priority for our growers. This are a few activities that we ask from their part:

Appropriate waste management of fertilizer and pesticide containers in order to avoid the contamination of the surrounding environment.

Reduction of pesticides usage trough biological controls.

Better usage of water. Water is rapidly becoming a preciousresource and it needs to be treated as such. Our growers have implemented the latest technologies available in order to preserve this limited resource and must continue to do so in the future.

Reduction in fertilizers usage by applying compost, created by organic materials produced within the fields (plants, fruits, earth, etc.)

Continuous pesticide analysis is also undertaken.

Reforestation programs. Growers have planted over 5,000 trees and continue to install green areas within or near their worker’s living areas. Before they are allowed to supply their products, our growers must meet the requirements, and help us create a better working experience for their labor force while taking care of the environment that we all share.